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I will research and make you a nesting box for owls or single bird families* for a specific bird of your preference.  I would suggest that you choose a bird that is naturally occurring in your general area.  I will provide general support on information for securing the box, when, what direction, etc. You can see my successes on birds moving into my boxes here  As of December 31st 2015, the owl moved in again and is prepping for a new family!  Yay!  

The box will be made of recycled or untreated wood.  I take the birds health seriously, so it will be sized properly for the species, be chemical free and ready for hanging.  A video instructional will be created while making your bird nesting box and will help others make their own for all time!  :)  Shipping will be included within reason ($50 cost), if it goes over that, I request you to pay the difference.

Remember, you are paying to support me in making the videos, which takes more time than making the box and each new species will have some customization that will be researched and prepared in the most responsible way possible to ensure habitation.  

Please include your shipping address and it is helpful if you send me a picture of the tree limb you would like to hang it on, so that I can customize the hanger for your situation.  :)
 (*I'm not making bird condos right now, but you can request and will provide a quote as they are a LOT of work to research and build correctly)

I cannot be responsible if your choice bird does not move in.  Last week I setup a new box and it was quickly occupied by a squirrel, which took a few days to convince to not live there.  They still visit, but I reserve the houses for feathered friends.  :)




per New Creative Content and Instructionals

About Ken

The Reluctant Light Warrior is a living story, pieces of reality that resemble fiction, but are real.  The installments come from life occurrences that stand at the fringe of the believable.  
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