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My name is Kenny Johnson. I'm a documentary filmmaker from Baltimore, MD. I've been making feature and short documentaries for almost 10 years.

And for the past 4 years I've self funded a couple short documentaries about independent professional wrestling for my Youtube Channel. I've traveled around the nation to film and interview people like Johnny Gargano, Joey Janela, Matt Riddle, Candice LaRae, Adam Cole, Drew Gulak, and so many others. I also work with EVOLVE wrestling to make on-going mini documentaries that highlight their roster. 

Now, I'm looking to make more stuff consistently for my Youtube Channel with your help.  My first goal is to make one new documentary each month. I have a lot of cool ideas and projects lined up. Most of them revolve around wrestling. But some cover other interesting topics and people outside of wrestling, which I think fans of my work will enjoy. I'll also be starting a second channel where I'll post bonus videos and other cool creative projects. 

All my documentaries will still be released on Youtube for free. And I'll continue making mini docs for EVOLVE as well. Nothing is going to really change. Of course, anyone that becomes a Patron will get some added perks. And with your support, I'll be able to travel more and make more stuff consistently with a wide variety of people. Also this Patreon will not go toward funding any EVOLVE mini docs. This is exclusively for my Youtube channel ( and for projects outside of EVOLVE. 

I greatly appreciate any and all support people give me.
Watching, sharing or liking any of my work really means a lot to me. I spend countless hours traveling, filming and editing these documentaries, so it's always rewarding to see people like my work. It makes it all worth while. 

So what can you do? Become a Patron if you can. Or tell people about this. Or just check out some of my work and continue being awesome. Any support you can provide would be amazing. Thank you! 

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I'll be able to make one new short documentary a month. Most of the time it will be wrestling related. But some will cover different topics. 

And if I hit this goal, I'll make a quick Q&A video where I answer some of your questions on how I make my stuff, future projects I have planned, and any other ridiculous things you want to ask.
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