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About McKenna Ashton Lumley

Hi! Welcome to my patron page and thank you so much to whoever or whatever brought you stumbling in here. My name is McKenna Ashton Lumley and I love to tell stories. I love to write about dragons and ghosts and all sorts of magic, in an assortment of short stories, fan fiction, and full length novels. I also have this habit of creating characters I love for an original story and sticking them in, let's say, a Pacific Rim AU. This is the place for those as well as fluffy tidbits I couldn't find a place for.

I'm currently in college on a partial volleyball scholarship and my two jobs are coaching jobs which don't really pay much, but I do love them. Anything I make (and you are kind enough to pledge) here will go towards school and other bills just to keep me from drowning while I try to forge my path through publishing (and eventually Hollywood but stay tuned for that one)

Thank you! Much Love,
McKenna Ashton Lumley

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When we reach this goal I'll do (what I think is) a fun lifestream where you guys help me write a story! I'll be taking input while I write live for you on screen and the voters will get to decide what bunch of characters or what setting/AU we'll be in!
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