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This gives you access to my pateron-only feed and recipes from my FB live show Hunger Trap you will not find the recipes anywhere else unless one of you shares it BUT it will not be because I shared it with the world. 
Knife Skills
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I have a course just to teach you how to properly use your knives. I cover: do you really need a whole knife block set, how to properly hold a knife, the only knives you'll ever need. Plus, I show you how to cut everything from strawberries to how to filet a whole fish. If you don't see something you've always wanted to know how to cut just let me know and I'll add it to the list (plus previous rewards)
Let's Cook Something
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You will gain access to my hands on training on a variety of recipes. I promise to release one new recipe video a week + the recipe of each recipe video + when you first sign up I will send you one bottle of my Savory NOLA seasoning for free + a 10% discount coupon to use in my store (plus previous rewards)
Virtual Potluck
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VIP'S ONLY. Once a month I'll do a live cooking class with a recipe request submitted by one of my VIP'S(don't worry if you cannot make the live stream, you'll have access to the replay). I will send you the grocery list and recipe so you'll have everything you need so we can cook together. That recipe will be just for my VIP'S no one else will get their hands on that recipe, unless you decide to share it. Also, when you first sign up I will send you one bottle of my Savory NOLA seasoning & one bottle of my Savory Blackening seasoning for free + a 10% discount coupon to use in my store (plus previous rewards)



About Kenneth Temple

For the last year, I have been creating content for my Facebook show "Hunger Trap" and have built the audience from a few thousand views to a consistent 16k-20k each week. The only problem is constantly dealing with Facebook  algorithm changing unexpectedly; which forces me to constantly rebuild my audience.

Although the Hunger Trap show will continue I want to take it to the next level!

I'm excited to introduce my patreon page and glad you are ready to join the community of fellow foodies, cooks and chefs who are looking for new recipes to inspire new food memories. You will get access to the recipes that people see on the Hunger Trap, a new recipe video each week plus the recipes, my knife skills course, behind the scenes access to my recipe development, discounts coupons for my e-store and my Executive Chef's will have access to monthly group meeting were we'll talk, food, life and goal achievements. Plus, once a month we'll have a virtual pot luck so we can cook together. Yes, I will send you the recipes and grocery list prior so you are ready to throw down and if you miss it the replay will be available. Also, I'll figure out a way for you to submit recipe suggestions that you want to see.

So get ready because there's going to be tons of deliciousness prepared.

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I will use this money, to buy better lighting equipment because it's the difference between a Oscar winning film and a bootleg dvd.

Also I'll buy another lens to get the top notch quality video
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