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  • Shane" a.k.a "Sleepy", born and raised in our Nations Capitol Washington, DC on the N.E. side. The kind of music I write represents what I grew up around in the streets and how it needs to change before it's too late for the children of tomorrow. It has to get better and I want to get the message out through my music. Even though it took some time to get where I am today, I appreciate it every time someone says "where have you been?” I've performed with the best in the city on my way to send a message of peace and unity my major influences are  PUBLIC ENEMY, RUN-DMC,KRS-1, LL.COOL.J, RAKIM,BIG DADDY KANE N.W.A many old school rappers. I got the chance to meet 2PAC, OUTLAWS, OUTKAST, YOUNGBLOODS scarface and many more with performances at Unifest 2000, Fort DuPont 2000, the Ritz Night Club and the 112 club in Atlanta, GA with my team. In the future, I will help in leading Hip-Hop music back to its original form, “The Message”. [ I didn't for get da go-go bands all of them and da local artists an producers]P.S My artist on my page have freedom of speech in our journey so be advise (explicit lyrics) is advise Thank You.

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