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Supporters get access to the patreon-only blog posts, PLUS thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Council Member
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At Council Member,

  • Group Help Channel Access!
  • Private Council Chambers discord category!
  • Priority Access on Subscriber Saturdays!
  • Patron Minecraft Server
  • 4x Streamloots Chests! (Valued at $2/chest!) 
  • Weekly Stream Shoutout!
  • ARK Perks [Spawned dino of choice 1x; Resources monthly]
Includes Discord benefits
Council Elder
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In addition to all the above benefits,

  • Access to ALL Patron-Only game-servers (now & future)!
  • Creature named for you in a survival game.
  • 1 Custom Command on Stream!
  • Custom Stream Intro (Img/GIF; SFX; & TXT) upon first message.
  •  2x Epic+ Streamloots Chests! (Valued at $5/chest!) 
  • Special shoutout on every stream! (with link of your choosing)
  • More ARK Perks [Spawned Dino of Choice 1x; Extra Monthly Resources] 
Includes Discord benefits




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Welcome fellow Pack Members!

So, you want to become a member of the Council, the Elite members of the Pack? Well, read on! If you enjoy Minimal-Language content and want to support it continuing onward, this is the place for you!

All subscribers, from the $1 tier onward, receive access to the private Patron-Only blog posts, but progressively you get more and more perks for each level you subscribe to! This ranges from a Thanks from the bottom of my heart, to a private Minecraft server, to access to other servers, as well as having a higher priority on my "game with" list, a private group help channel, Subscriber Saturday stream access, and more to come!

But for all the ranks in between, you get the previous rank's perks, in addition to new ones. You can go as low as $1/month just to say "Thank you for your videos, I want to support you and keep the videos/streams ad-free" to $50/month to be a "Council General" and gain some exclusive benefits!

But, you're probably thinking, Why should I subscribe to KensonPlays? Good question. You should subscribe if you enjoy my content and want me to continue being able to make this content on a more regular basis. Once I reach certain goals per-month, I'll add in extra videos & streams to my weekly schedule!

"But why should I subscribe?" you may still be thinking. Well, there will be more perks added to the ranks, later on, starting at the Council General level, working their way down once another new perk is added to the highest perk, the lower tiers will earn access to some more of the perks!

                                                 Perk Descriptions

Group Help Channel Access:
     You also get help to a private Group Help channel on the Discord! If you have life questions or any kind of question in general, other fellow Council members and Tyrants can help you out through your problems, hopefully improving your day!

"ARK Perks"
     These are the following perks you get on our ARK: Survival Evolved server(s):
     - Spawned in dino of your choice (with some exceptions, like no tamed boss dinos). If it dies, then it dies. Later tiers you can get multiple spawned in dinos which you can do all at once or save for when one dies.
     - Extra Resources include: $5/mo (250 Element); $10/mo (500 Element); $25/mo (1,250 Element); $50/mo (3,000 Element & 1,000 ammo of choice)

Modded MC server
The Minecraft server runs the modpack "Official Fossils & Archeology."

Custom Stream Intro
Patrons at the $5/mo tier and above can have a custom stream intro! Please send Kenson a graphic (whether its a GIF or static image), a Sound Effect, and a chat message. Please try to keep the Graphics and Sound Effect to 10 seconds or less. It won't play until you send your first message, so if you choose to lurk, you won't be called out. I respect lurkers!
     It may say 'One-Time Benefit' on the details, but the perk stays as long as your subscribed. This just helps me to mark it as complete once done.

Streamloots Chests
Patrons get FREE extra Streamloots chests every month! There is a small exception to this perk compared to the others. You will obtain better value chests for each tier. What this means is that if you are at the $3-5/mo tier, you will get the standard chests, but if you are at the $10/mo tier or higher, you will only obtain the Epic+ Streamloots Chests since they have double the value of regular chests!
$0 of $50 per month
At $50/month, I can put together a semi-public game-servers for our community! (Will be required to obtain either Follower or Regular status on-stream)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
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