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About Kent Mudle

Hello! I'm Kent Mudle, former Cinematic and Creative Director at Telltale Games. You may have seen my work in Telltale's Batman and Walking Dead series where I was in a high level creative roles.

But it's not about that! It's about BERET, my webcomic passion project.
BERET is an action adventure comic with a gay male lead about a post apocalyptic world where being an Artist basically makes you a battle wizard. It's got absurd jokes, thrilling fights, emotional despair, and a cast of loveable (?) weirdos each bringing their own views about ART to the table. 
I've always worked on BERET in my spare time, but I want to make it MORE and FASTER and actually get to the end of this thing before I die. So here's a Patreon! If you enjoy BERET (which will always be able to be read FOR FREE) then please consider supporting me in my efforts to finish the rest of it.
For patrons, I'd like to provide early previews of pages and other concept art, as well as custom sketches, drawings of your own characters, and if there's interest, a twitch stream where I work on the comic and hang out with folks. Open to suggestions for other cool patron rewards!


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