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Get access to my BTS footage.  Get footage from my Solo Youtube videos, bloops and on set footage. Some of the best moments happen when actors forget the camera is rolling. I also give you bts commentary.  
Internet Comedy Clip Show!!
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I will produce a weekly comedy clip show with the weeks hottest Memes, Viral Videos  and just stupid people stuff. The show is called The Internet Undefeated! It's hard to keep with the viral memes, and video clips or even to see them all. I'll curate the best of the week and roast them with you. 




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About Kenyon Long

First and foremost I want to say thanks for being a fan! You are The MVP! Also thanks for trapping out with me for support. I tell people all the time The Rent Aint Cheap!  So even if you gave me .01  I appreciate that! Much love from your boy! 
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