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Towns-folk with a few extra coin.


This rank allows you to get access to all of the games, animation, two weeks before any other site! You get updates on all current projects and get to participate in user polls!

----For Online RPG----

*Access to early access Patreon server*

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The common one with a open heart and dagger at hand!

Same as previous rank + cheats and you get more voting power!!

----For Online RPG----

*A Commoner Package during early access with bonus items*

*A monthly discount Code unique to your Character for purchases*

 +previous Rewards

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The Soldier with a stead-fast heart willing to charge into the fires of war!!

At this rank You get access to all of the games, animation, one month before any one else. You get direct access to all current in-progress content. You are given Soldiers privilege which gives you perks in-game and when online games are made and tested you are given a newbies care package. All other perks below this tier of course too!

    ----For Online RPG---- 

* Soldiers Supply Crate for early access + Beta/V1 release!!*




* You will get a special Ability in early access and full release IF you  pledged this before full release and kept during the duration until full release. Ability Only For selected MAIN hero. The rest of the characters on your account will have a soldiers Badge*

*Soldiers Badge -> Get in-game market tax and NPC price reductions + a permanent in-game purchase discount(lower if not currently patreoning)* 

 +Server Access




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About Keolamation

Hey there! I've loved playing game all my life and decided I should make them! I am making an RGP, My Paddle-pong shooter hybrid, and various simulators for RPGs so people test averages for RNG and equipment stats! 

When you patreon you get access to all of my content and get to of course get to vote for updates and games/simulators you'd like!!
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This allows the very basic needs to be met and my other income stream can be used to save for the better tablets and server racks I eventually will need!
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