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An access to Patreon only dashboard where you can have a say for the next steps and directions of my creations. You are also invited to Patreon only -servers and events I will be holding.
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Be a part of the Beta testing groups when something new is happening. Beta means a creation is almost ready to launch but it needs testing and final touches to make sure all is ready for the wide public.
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Be a part of the Alpha testing groups when something new is happening. Alpha means that there is plenty of broken stuff but you have a direct impact to what I include and what I change. The Alpha stage can usually last many times longer than the Beta phase so most of the creative work happens here.
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About kerberos

Hey Folks!
Can't describe how excited I am about Patreon and all the possibilities it presents for content creators like myself. I have always been terrible asking for donations, and felt sorry for those few who donate money for things I create. Now there is an easy and equal chance for everyone to be part of the creations I do.

So what are these creations then? They are wide and varied. I have always been extremely interested in Linux and BSD, and been running various sized servers since elementary school. Game servers are some sort of a passion of mine, as are external tools for many games I enjoy playing. A few examples of those are listed here:
  • Ragnarok Online market scanner for bargain deals
  • Runescape market tools
  • Travian simulator for counting the best starting strategy, separate food calculator for supporters of World Miracle construction
  • EVE Online market profit calculator, separate tool for miner kills to find unfortunate miners at certain region and recruiting them
  • EVEScout, intelligence gathering service
  • Various parsers for many game outputs
  • many many others, already downed services
There has been a wide variety of servers that I have been running. I own an IRC network, I provide a Mumble server for people to use. There have been dozens of various Minecraft servers, I have kept OpenTTD servers, Arma2 servers, and even some grey area servers. These need resources which require money. As it is my passion I keep doing those but I like people helping me with these costs.

Last but not least, I have a desire to create my own games. I have a few really good ideas but I want to gather a community around these creations from the very beginning and get them involved in the game development. Platforms which I have planned supporting are browser based games, some PC games and possibly mobile games (Android first, others may come later).

As a Patron you will have a chance to help me fund some of these servers. But even a bigger thing is the support you give, showing that I am on the right track. As a Patron you also have a say in the games and the tools I make, maybe even getting something useful for your own gaming experience too. Not a bad deal I'd say?
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I can acquire a Google Play Developer account, which allows me to upload applications into the Google Play marketplace. No more difficult downloading from any websites, all centralized in proper a marketplace!
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