Rickeria Lendale

is creating Digital Illustrations, Webcomics, and Children's Books
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About Rickeria Lendale

Hello and Welcome to my Patreon! 

I am Rickeria Lendale also known as Keria's Art Journey (KAJ). I have been on an artist's journey for the past year. I create children's book illustrations, webcomics, and I am a twitch streamer. I create art to tell stories visually. I also stream on twitch to share a bit of my process with others who enjoy watching the artist creative process. I am also aiming to become a successful Webtoons creator.  

My art journey is a testimony to those out there that you can become an awesome creator. All you need is bits of patience and dedication. It's a skill that can be learned through hard work and repetition. 

As my skills grow I have been working on children's books and webtoons of my own. I have had a lot of creative ideas and stories and lessons to teach through those stories that I want to share with my fans. 
This Patreon is for those who really enjoy my progress and my artwork and would like to support me with publishing my children's books, comics, and artwork. 

I send rewards monthly. All of my Patrons have access to previous rewards. Click Patrons Only to download rewards. 

$7 of $200 per month
When I reach $200 I will be able to purchase ISBN for children's & Comics books to distribute to those of you who supported me <3
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