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About Kevin Gilbert

A huge thank you for supporting and being part of this journey my friends. Quite simply without your support this journey would not be possible! Now with this growing support not only are you enabling me to continue my mission to help protect Our Mother but you will be ensuring that it will grow in ways none of us can yet imagine!
It is time to put people over profits and for us all to stand up in any way we can to protect Mother Earth before it is too late!

How did it all start?

Why is it that videos of people doing idiotic things or animals dressed as kids get millions of views?   They have no real value yet people making a real difference and standing up for their beliefs struggle to get a couple of hundred views!
Now be honest have you ever cursed and wished this would be different,  that the real issues would gain the massive attention?
I did but I never thought in a million years that I would become a "public figure" overnight but that is what happened!

For me it all started in November 2016 at the Oceti Sawkowin Camp Standing Rock, North Dakota.  Thousand of people from over 350 Nations from across the globe were standing up against Energy Transfer Partners and their Dakota Access Pipeline that was threatening sacred lands and water.  
I blessed to be one of the few people able to share with the world a pivotal point in world history and the seed for a Movement that has spread across the world.

It was a cold (23F) night on the 20th November at backwater bridge on HWY 1806 when the law enforcement agencies from across America attack peaceful unarmed water protectors with non-lethal projectiles, LRAD noise cannon, water cannons, concussion grenades & tear gas.  
Using Facebook Live I shared for over 6 hours the events as they unfolded.  These videos were shared 100,000 times and had over 10 million views to date.   That night NBC initially ran a story about "protestors setting fires and throwing rocks", but due in part to my coverage, they a huge number of people reaching out to correct them.  Later that night using some of my footage alongside a handful of other independent journalists they post a video online with this byeline Activists in Standing Rock, North Dakota were shot with rubber bullets and sprayed with water in freezing temperatures.

Since that night myself and my girlfriend have travelled 17,000 across the USA and Canada highlighting the many other examples of Environmental Racism & Environmental Genocide.  
Some of the journey

Currently we are based in the Michigan Area focused on the various threats that The Great Lakes here are facing from Enbridge and Nestle.  A lot of the coverage I have provided here is focused around The Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa & Chippewa Indians as they are one of the key players working to get Enbridge Line 5 shut down.

So thank you again for your continued support and enabling me to share this journey with you!

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