Kevin Steele

is creating photobooks of evolving storefronts of Toronto’s Queen West




per month


I've been taking pictures of Toronto's Queen St W since the early 2000s. My catalog includes thousands of pictures of storefronts from Roncesvalles Ave to Simcoe Street, covering multiple stages of most locations.

Early in the project I started playing with collages showing greater stretches of a block and then complete city blocks. I'm currently working through assembling the 40+ plus complete blocks that I shot in 2017.

While I enjoy many of my pictures individually, it is when they are collected and arranged for comparison that I believe they are most interesting. This is why I feel it is necessary to gather them in book form. As a graphic designer who loves books I am very interested in exploring book ideas that my photos inspire.

I've created a broad outline for a complete work, organized geographically. My plan is to create smaller books that each focus on an area, and produce these cumulatively. If there is sustained interest I will complete each smaller book until I have worked through the whole outline.

If you are interested in supporting this project based on this information, or simply have some encouragement, it is much appreciated. I will be adding more clear short term goals and developing patron tiers soon.

Thank you.
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