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About Kev Obrien

Hi there! First and foremost, thank YOU for being here right now. I am a producer and DJ of (mostly) electronic music. I've thought a lot about what I wanted to write on this page and decided the last thing either of us cares about is a list of accolades from the past. You're here now, and I thank you for your potential support. If you aren't familiar with my works, I really hope you'll fall deeply enough in love with my music in order to want to journey back here to my Patreon page, which is here to allow me to continue making and playing that sweet soul music! 

Patreon is revolutionizing the way artists and fans can interact and support one another, and the community and sharing mechanisms that come with this are just as important to me as the small monthly pledges which will help me continue and advance in my musical endeavors. Funds pledged through this page will help me cover the extremely high costs of equipment, production software, records, digital music, <g>web space</g>, and most of all, my time. This isn't about profit, but it sure would be a gift from the Universe if it turns out to become a profitable endeavor eventually!

To those of you who are here as longtime (or new!) listeners, supporters,  or musical soulmates (as I prefer to call all of you!), I'd just like you to know that although much of the music I put out into the world is very personal to me and is as much a part of me as the blood that courses through my veins...  nothing brings me more joy than knowing that these musical pieces of me have, and continue to, touch, move and/or inspire you.

Music truly is the universal language, and when I pour my heart into the mixes or songs that I release... I hope my heart can be heard when you listen. Because I am wearing my heart on my sleeve, and that must be one of the reasons I have been fortunate enough to have so many dedicated listeners and supporters over the past decade. Or at least I hope this to be the case. Perhaps  it's not that deep, and you just like the grooves! It's all good either way!

Some of the mixes I have done over the years have each taken me weeks or months to finish, as the message is as important to me as the melodies, lyrics, or sounds themselves. Your support will help me continue to do what makes me happiest, and in return that happiness will be returned to you in the form of music that touches, moves and inspires you. THANK YOU. 

Love Always,


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