is creating Keycappie, Keycaps and mechanical keyboard related things
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I will be motivated, if you are just sitting and watching me like Keycappie. And this tier makes me getting one more mechanical switch! Thanks.
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About Romly

Hello everyone!

I'm Romly and I've been making machanical keyboard related things. Especially the  Keycappie, fairy of keyboards are the cutest your mech-key buddy!

Let me introduce some of my creation. They're available at my  Shapeways, or BOOTH.

Keycappie! Fairy of keyboards. This year they debuted for Massdrop and greatly succeeded. Thank you if you joined the drop!

軸のブレない時雨ちゃん(Jiku-no-burenai Shigure-chan). It's a very beginners guide book to the mechanical keyboards. Also a fan book of Shigure(Kan-Colle), a lot of cute illustrations, mangas by @tamamochi_ya. Available at my BOOTH.

軸の本(Jiku-no-hon) Mechanical Switch Data Book, is my latest book, dissects twelve mechanical switches starting with Gateron. Large photos, force-curves, you can enjoy like a luxury catalog of switches. I guess this is the only book focused only in mechanical switches in the world!

I want to keep creating something cute, nonsense, little-fun, related to mechanical keyboard stuffs or something. It'll be able by your kind support. So very thank you helping me!

Basically I can't offer nothing for you.
However, I've been recently trying to measure mechanical switches force curve as  Input Club is doing. Compare to them, poor equipment, lack of knowledges, analog measurements by own eyes, not so accurate as them. Still the results are enough to tell characteristics of the switches. 
So, for who willing to support me, I'm going to share the results of mechanical switches force tests, as a little thanks.

Therefore nothing changes by Tiers, still I'll very thanks for great support.

And as you noticed, my English is terrible because I'm Japanese. I hope you can understand what I want to say!

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