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About Key West Kayak Fishing

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome.  

Hello!!!  My name is Steve and I am the Captain of a little blue plastic boat which I take out on adventures chasing Whales of all sizes and shapes (Whale sounds more impressive than Pinfish).  My one and only true passion is fishing.  Throughout my years, many passions have come and gone, but the one that started when I was still in a crib has always persevered.  Now, just me and a fishing pole surrounded by a body of water is pretty much my paradise, however, I have found a similar passion (which is also complimentary) in making fishing videos.  My passion for fishing goes beyond just me catching fish, but the desire to also share that passion with others and to show the power of how much fishing and the connection with Mother Nature can truly affect a person's well being.  By making videos I get to not only take people on my adventures, but also help and motivate others to enjoy the same passion and benefits that come from spending time chasing "Whales".  Now, if you share that passion and enjoy the content from Key West Kayak Fishing, consider supporting me and the channel by becoming a Patron. 

What is Patreon? 

Patreon is a way for viewers to not only support, but to also encourage more and better quality content by providing financial support and incentive.  Instead of just hitting the donation button on the Youtube home page and making a one time donation (which is also appreciative), you opt into a recurring option that supports each video and incentivizes me to create new and entertaining content. For instance, if you look to the right you will see multiple pledge amounts as well as corresponding Rewards.  For each qualified video that I create that month I will earn your pledge of that amount.  

For example, if you pledge $1 per video that month and I publish 10 videos, you will contribute $10 for that month.   <EDIT>  Temporarily pledges will be on a monthly basis (NOT PER VIDEO).

"But Steve, you create a lot of videos!". No worries. One of the options you have to choose is a monthly contribution limit when you are entering your payment info. This will guarantee a maximum that you will need to donate. Opt for $1 per video and set a cap at $1 for the month and the maximum total you will be charged is $1 for the entire month. For me, the incentive will be to keep creating awesome footage so that you will continue to support the channel, but also in a volume that will keep you entertained throughout the month.

Why Should I?

It has always been the goal for my channel to not just be a bunch of videos of me reeling in a fish and boasting about my successes.  Fishing is my passion and I want others to also take part in the whole process.  For that reason I decided to expand the topics on my channel to not only show the fish that I caught, but to go into extreme detail on how, where, when, why, what, so that others could also experience the successes first hand if they should ever make it down to the Keys.  I also wanted to focus on the paradise that I am so blessed to live on.  The Florida Keys are a spectacular destination so I also wanted to focus some of my videos on things to do and places to go where you could take advantage of what the island life has to offer outside of just the fishing.  And of course you can't forget the Catch and Cooks.  The other benefit beyond the joy of catching fish is the experience of eating them.  By focusing on the cooking side, I felt it would incentavize the value of going out and catching your own fish for dinner.  With such a broad topic base, I feel my videos bring value to a wide spectrum of viewers.  So if any of those topics have struck a chord with you, I would be ecstatic if you would choose to become one of my Patrons. 

Where does my money go? 

All income generated through Patreon will go towards improving the quality, velocity, and entertainment value of the channel.  Producing this type of content is not only expensive on its own, but to do it in a high end tourist destination like Key West is way above the norm and has proven to be quite costly.  

As I hope you understand, it takes incredible amount of resources and time to create these videos.  On average a  basic fishing video (starting from loading the car to finally uploading to Youtube), will take approximately 10-14 hours to complete, not to mention the extremely volatile variable of catching a fish while filming.  Your support will let me focus more on making these entertaining and educational videos instead of spending as much time focusing on the financial side of what my limitations will be.  

Your patronage will also help me to update equipment to increase quality, efficiency, and safety, new gear to increase fish catching as well as to provide subject matter for new content, and above all, reduce the reliance on Youtube and it's random monetization policies (what I can or can't post videos of based on their automated system).   

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Whether you choose to support me financially or not, I want to make sure you know how appreciative I am of the support you have given to me by just taking the time to watch my videos.  The channel has grown way beyond my original expectations and to see how positive the response has been to my videos has always been the biggest motivating factor for me.  So "THANK YOU".  Nothing more nothing less.
72% complete
With this much support, part of it will cover the short fall due to Youtube's restrictions on my channel as well as the repercussions from Hurricane Irma (lack of visitors and people using my channel to prepare for their vacations.)  With the excess, I would like to purchase a new motor for the kayak, additional filming gear for better videos, or an EPIRB for extra safety when I go offshore.
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