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About K.G. Loar

Hi, my name is Keara Loar, aspiring web comic artist and fantasy author.

The past four years, all my energy and time went into my job as web-developer. I burned out and, after a lot of reflecting, realized I needed to bring back the hobbies I sacrificed for the sake of my work.

I'm still recovering from my burnout, but I've been drawing and writing whenever I had the energy to do so. Yesterday, the 12th of April 2018, the very first page of my hand-drawn web comic Cobblestone Road went live on Webtoons. A large milestone :).

My short-term goal is to release two or three updates per week until I get a new job, and one per week after. Eventually, years from now, I'd love to be able to switch and make a living from my web comic and writing.

If you like my web comic and writing, and are willing to donate a dollar per month, I would be very thankful. Every dollar helps me obtain the freedom to create.
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I will have more time to create comics and 1 page per week will, hopefully, become 2.
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