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About Khellendrathas

What is The Setting Son?

The Setting Son is set in a near future where Angelic beings have made a public appearance. The world has vastly changed, but no one has agreed on what their arrival means or even what the Celestial creatures are. The only consensus is that their emergence has brought war. The story follows Anthem, a human isolated and raised amongst these Angels. He has been called to leave the sanctuary he was raised in and aid a paramilitary organization in combating threats to the world from beyond. The story mixes Horror, Fantasy, and Science Fiction themes in a PG to R setting due to language, violence, and mature situations.

We will be hosting TSS on Tapastic.

The Creators

Writer --- Eric is a trained Computer Security Engineer, an avid consumer of geek culture, and husband of the artist. He is currently taking a sabbatical to assist in getting the comic off the ground and watching their young son.

Artist --- Christina is an award-winning, freelance artist who is self-taught in digital illustration and graphic design with some formal training in traditional drawing and painting mediums.

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It is our goal to release pages at the highest quality possible alongside producing content for fans. Your generosity provides on-going support since the hardest part of maintaining a webcomic is sustainable income. Your monthly pledge allows us to focus on ensuring frequent updates without diverting attention to non-TSS related work to pay the bills.

The Setting Son webcomic will always be free but pesky things like food and shelter are not. Your patronage will help keep us doing what we love: telling a rich and engaging story for you to enjoy.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 29 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 29 exclusive posts