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About Khron's Cave

My first forays into, let's call it, "online electronics" took place in the early 2000's, on various tech-forums online. In the spring of 2017 though, i decided i'd centralize the documenting of my various projects and whatnot, which led me to (finally) start my own blog - Khron's Cave. Hey, we all gotta start SOMEwhere, right?

Even before that, i had been toying with the idea of also making videos. I mean, if AvE can do it... And speaking of him, at some level, i guess he was a big inspiration for this whole shebang, especially for the long-term aim of this whole endeavour. A similar approach, but instead of power tools and small-scale industrial devices, this would / will be focusing on taking a peek "under the skirt" of various pieces of electronics (audio gear, for the most part). That, and whatever DIY projects i may end up dabbling in - i've got a few ideas i've been tinkering with, for a while now.

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