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Agent Channing, KIA operative, M.'.I.'.B.'. lodge

Pssst! Over here...

I haven't much time to convey this message before I am missed, so let me make this brief.

I'm Anton Channing, an operative in the KIA Invisible Agents. They currently have me working on their computer systems, including their public facing website. Which needs some work. And truth be told, some funding. KIA has no hierarchy, no membership fees and no advertising. So we are completely reliant on the goodwill of those agents and supporters willing to donate to our noble cause.

Which is why I'm handing out to you this important mission, should you choose to accept it. If you can spare some of your survival tokens we can help KIA grow. Your support will not be thankless. In addition to my love and gratitude, there will be rewards for your generosity. Some of these will be collective, such as more articles, sound projects from Dana Varahi, film projects from Alchemical.TV, plus the sharing of plugins and themes for WordPress, MediaWiki and other software as we develop it. Others will be personal depending on level of support given, such as previews of books, ebook copies of my books or even hard copies if you donate enough.

Interested? Then sign up as a patron of KIA today!

Undecided? Read on...

My Agent perspective
As an agent of the hidden arts, my perspective combines animism with rationalism. These two themes dance as stand ins for the left and right hemispheres of my brain, in a poetic sense. The animism allows me to communication with all kinds of entities, to see consciousness in all things and enjoy wild flights of fancy. The rationalist within me allows me to come down to Earth and explain where I have been, without getting caught up in belief. However, I allow neither side to dominate my personality, and my approach involves harmonising these perspectives rather than engaging them in conflict. In other words, the animist perspective allows me to do what I do, and the rationalist perspective observes and makes theories as to how that works. 

My magical background includes a number of years involved in chaos magic, practise in a neo-pagan magical group and many connections with decentralised magical networks that organise online, and meet offline when possible. In addition to KIA, these include Free Illuminism, the School of Galatorg, EtherSec, DKMU, CMG, Discordianism and Z(Cluster). I will continue to expand the range of decentralised agent groupings that I inflitrate and engage with.

Examples of the kind of theory articles I will produce include:

Field reports
Examples of write-ups of magical experiences include:

Guest Writers
There are many other agents in my network that produce great writing. Much of this is available free on via KIA and other websites. Some of these authors may occasionally produce guest content in support of this campaign. Whether they do or not, this campaign supports KIA, and KIA agents have produced such diverse content as:

Other projects this campaign will help fund.
In addition to writing a monthly article or report, the more I funding I get, the more time I'll have to devote to my other projects. These include coding cyber sorcery tools such as  ChaosHex and EnigMagick, adding features to the community website of the KIA Invisible Agents, helping to make films for Alchemical.TV and of course writing more great books.  These should be of use to all agents of the hidden arts.

Free Cultural Sorcery
As a proponent of  Free Cultural Sorcery, I publish most of my writing on a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license, and your support will assist me in making it publicly available, but that doesn't mean you won't get access to sneak previews, drafts, and pre-publication exclusives. Hell, fund me enough and I'll send you hard-copies of my books before they are officially on sale.

Likewise my coding is made available on GPL3 licenses, and published on github and sourceforge. See projects chaoshex and enigmagick. Various Wordpress plugins I've created are also made available via wordpress. Development time is needed to expand all these projects, many of which require the addition of many new features.
$1 of $11 per Articles, videos and art.
It is my will to do this. Once I have this number of commitments, I will switch to monthly payments and post the first article. I'll leave it on 'per article' until this goal is reached, because that way no-one gets charged until I'm ready to start...
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