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Kiarra is tired of the lack of variety and the lack of accessibility when it comes to having healthy treats and sweets. Unfortunately, Kiarra's belly cannot tolerate refined sugars, wheat, preservatives or additives. So when a treat or snack product is purporting to be "all natural" in its package only to find the ingredients say otherwise, it can get very frustrating for her (and for me)! Enough is enough! This six year old fireball is going to start making her own yummy recipes - recipes kids like her can eat or any kids or adults for that matter who want to be able to enjoy truly healthy and natural treats. She will also gladly share news regarding ready to purchase healthy snacks she finds along the way that stay true to what is advertised on their packages and her thoughts on these snacks.

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I started this Patreon account for Kiarra to help fund a project she is so passionate about...yes, she's very passionate about treats, haha, and sharing them with you all! Your support will not only encourage her but will also help fund her projects. Ingredients, kitchen tools, gadgets, and such all cost money. In the case she receives any of these in exchange for a review or feature, we will certainly be disclosing this info. Any extra monies she receives from her patrons will go towards other future projects such developing her own healthy treats app, taking baking classes to improve her skills, and if lucky enough to receive more than we need, the rest will go to an education fund set up for her. So, stay tuned for upcoming recipes as well as snack reviews (ones she can eat of course) and for all you Patreon supporters, a huge thank you for your ongoing encouragement <3 <3 <3
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