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 If you donate 7 USD you can get: 

* An adorable illustration of you and your partner, from the bust.

 * If you do not have a partner: an illustration of you and your pet, from the bust.

* If you do not have a partner or a pet: Illustration of you or any fan art you want, full body or medium, as you choose!

 (At the moment, I do not draw nudes). 




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About Kiccat


I am an independent Mexican illustrator, student of university with free time to make commissions ^^
With your help I can start with my graphic novel
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when I get to 100 patrons, I'll open speedpaint requests for my little channel, the next patreon after 100 chooses.
-Patron: I want you to upload the process of my commission!
-Pattern: I want you to do something traditional with watercolors!
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