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Hey there everybody! We are the Demo Reel System, a DID system lead by host Jy and cohost Tian. We work together on a large number of projects that seek to promote positive representation of every axis we can. We are based in North-East Scotland, and have disabilities both mental and physical that grant us the inability to work a "regular" job
More about DID (link to

What We Do

We are almost always working on one of our many projects. There are too many to list on this page, but the main ones are:

Kichawi Nzuri - We have been working on this webcomic since March 2014, and posting pages since August 2017. In it, the legendary Kikuyu warrior Wamugumo is revived into modern-day Nairobi, tasked with preventing the "oncoming storm". It is one of the very first magical girl comics to be set in Africa, alongside Adorned by Chi

BadlyDrawnValder - During Wargroove, a 2019 game by Chucklefish, the Lord of Felhiem is presented as an antagonistic force seeking to bring a world of equality between living and dead alike through his necromantic powers. But is there more to him than meets the eye? What if he had a Q&A blog, albeit badly drawn? Join us in this interactive project that explores one of our system's favorite video game characters in recent years in our own unique spin on his personality, and the trials and challenges of trying to be a fair ruler when you're the traditional bad guy

Miny - A walled city, run under a one-man oligarchy. A mysterious substance, spreading its way through the streets and freezing people solid. A hero, standing before their destiny. What name does this hero bear? Miny is a game where the name you input at the beginning determines the character you play - most are random, but there are various special characters with their own unique and intertwining storylines. Do what you think is right to stop the substance at its source, and save the city from the evil controlling it

Humanity and Freedom - This is our longest-running project, stemming back to our early years on the Internet. It is a novella series about space travel, politics, the politics of space travel, trying to find a decent pint in the Orion nebula, and living in a universe where the phrase "we're all human at the end of the day" really doesn't apply. It is set in the same universe as Kichawi Nzuri, and is a core part of the history of its world

Personality Plays - One PC, dozens of gamers with a single pair of hands, and a drive full of free games, fan games, and 1067 Pokemon ROM hacks. Join us as we try our hands at Lets Play content as an ensemble cast of, technically, one

We will be uploading stuff for other projects as well, and labeling everything appropriately. Hopefully, there will be no shortage of variety within our content

What the Money Goes To

Due to our various illnesses and disabilities, we struggle immensely in the everyday workforce. This Patreon is designed to let us use the creative skills we have and are proud of to allow ourselves to make a living providing positive representation in media of various formats and turn this passion into a full time job. With your help, we are very excited to share all of our ideas with you and appreciate deeply any support you feel you can give

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