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Hi, welcome to my page at Patreon. My name is Lisanne and I'm a photographer and artist. I live in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I also love to write, and making music and singing are one of the most important things in my free time to express myself. I feel that I want to create more and share my work. Patreon can make that possible for me. Here you will find my work as a photographer.


I made friends with my camera about ten years ago, well I also had to say goodbye to some of my old camera's but they helped me to fall in love with photography. I started with photography for my study (I have a background in design and styling) and went to the city. There was something in me that came to life. I was enjoying the most simple things I found, and my focus for details was born. Later on I started with some food photography projects and after that I started with documentary photography and making portraits. Making choices is not my best quality but in this case I think it will help me to always look further. What is there to see and learn more?


Seeing. We all look but what do we really see? That also inspires me a lot. To take the time, slow down and really see our environment more clear again. It also calls ‘Miksang’ what means ‘good eye’. Seeing things we never saw before, and without judgements. This thing I’m thrilled to share this with others. Making people curious about the things around them again. And also help them to slow down by this way of photography. I want to give more workshops but also write more about photography and my experiences.


I am very thankful for supporting me so I have more freedom to create and express myself through my work. That's so important. If you have any questions about Patreon you can send Clicking here. When you have some other questions about my work or share something you can send me a message at [email protected]



By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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