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About Kiki

Thank you for visiting my Patreon page!  I was born in Hong Kong, my family immigrated to Seattle, Washington when I was 12 years old. My traditional Chinese parents discouraged me from pursuing a career in entertainment, so I majored in Drama at the University of Washington to show my parents how much I loved the arts.

I have been creating, producing, directing, writing and acting in original plays, sketch comedy, comedy pilot “Sweet and Sour Chicks” and my award winning one woman show "Second Chances For Grace" for the past 15 years. I toured the show at fringe festivals, museums, art & cultural festivals, and was selected to be produced at the Santa Monica Playhouse and Pan Asian Repertory Theater’s NuWorks in 2018.  

I'm also a stand up comedian. I perform regularly at The World Famous Comedy Store, Flappers Comedy Club and Ice House Comedy. I’m opening for Kevin Nealon from SNL on January 6th at the Comedy Store! I have a 3 year old boy, Sky. He is a handful and an inspiration for my comedy sets.

I produce a stand up comedy show called “Crazy Woke Asians” we sold out at the Santa Monica Playhouse, The Three Clubs and Tao Comedy Studio. We had a packed house for our show at the Comedy Palace in San Diego as well.o

I'm creating a Youtube web series based off of my "An Asian Chick's Guide to Loving Yourself in 365 Days!" blog. So far I have been using up a lot of my own resources, everything I make from acting or hosting gigs, I put more than 70% back into creating videos, marketing costs and producing my one woman shows. I need your help to fund the "Asian Chick" web series and my new one woman show "Adventures of Nai Nai!" inspired by my journey into motherhood.  I need to hire a camera crew, editor and actors to create higher quality content.  Right now I'm doing EVERYTHING MYSELF!  ANY SUPPORT FROM YOU IS GREATLY APPRECIATED!  THANK YOU!!

#kikifunnymama #crazywokeasians #SecondChancesForGrace
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