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About Kikoskia

Hey folks, it's Kikoskia here.

Welcome to my Patreon page! A few people have asked me to set one up so they can support me through the system set up on this site to help me continue to make Let's Play videos. 

Let's Playing for me is a hobby that I love doing and as long as I continue enjoying making videos I will do so, irrespective of if anyone puts any money into this; I don't mind at all if no money at all comes from this and nothing will change on the channel if that's the case.  

Money pledged would go to help me get random little games that I encounter on my travels that may end up as Let's Plays such as the ones I find in charity shops, as well as games that I know I'm going to let's play. When parts of my computer starts showing it's age or break, money would be used to help offset the cost of replacing said parts as well as upgrading to better pieces of hardware when needed. It will also go to general support of the channel.

This Patreon will not give those that pledge access to anything that non-pledgers don't have access to; all my videos are and always will be available for everyone regardless of if you pledge or don't. I can't offer any rewards for those that pledge so do consider that when you are deciding if you want to pledge.

If you want to make a one-time donation, I have a Paypal set up for that purpose which can be found in the description of my channel on Youtube. 

Hopefully that's explained everything that needs explaining. Thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoy my videos, old and new.

Until then folks, until then.

$800 – reached! per month
What's that? You want more me? If we reach this goal, that's exactly what you'll get! Be it a fourth let's play voted on by the Patrons, doing the occasional stream or something else entirely, attaining and maintaining this level of pledges allows me to focus even more on my channel!
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