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The Thought That Counts
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It's the thought that counts so good feelings coming your way, hombre. Sincere thank you too, as the little ones do add up! 
Limited Edition, Kilkelly Songbook
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We've put together a collection of lyrics as well as a download of our debut EP with some bonus, previously unheard tracks. Each is handmade, and sewn together beautifully by artist/vocalist at Kilkelly, Stephanie Hannon. 

Improvised Song, Download of LP
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I'll make an improvised one-of-a-kind song either about you or a topic of your choice, and send it your way - alongside all of the above. (You can even choose a style, and random chords if ya like!) 




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About Kilkelly

Berlin based, Irish born musician, Kilkelly.

The debut album has been recorded at the Famous Gold Watch, and is currently being mixed and mastered. To ensure we get this sucker out on schedule we need all the help we can get. 

Any donation per month is greatly appreciated. We'll release snippets of what we're working on and exclusive content for Patrons - alongside the tier giveaways. 

The 3.300 Dollars refers to the estimated cost of the album in its entirety. As of March, 2019, we're just over the 2000 euro mark! Hurrah, on the way!

All the love,

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