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About Kim Beggs Music

Thanks for having a look at my page and considering being my Patreon.

I am using Patreon as a tool to present an opportunity for my fans and supporters to show their support in a way that helps me continue to create and record high quality new musical works for sharing. Listening to music is free but creating new songs and making studio quality recordings is not. The digital/streaming world of music is changing at an exponential rate and artists performance income seems to be reducing at a similar rate. But I am more inspired than ever in my songwriting though and looking for mortar so my songs and creative contributions can keep sharing, and hopefully bring healing and empowerment to the world.

I started building my patreon page a few years ago but was shy to publish it. But since spending extensive time in the USA co-writing with songwriters down there I have come to realize that that Patreon is a way of life. While Canadian artists do have access to public funding, it certainly does not cover most of the costs of being a professional artist. Living in the far north presents challenging hurdles for presenting music on a global level. And yet today it is more important than ever to share ideas on an international level.

The technological advancements on the internet have made it easier for people to hear more music from they the artists they love but the business model for songwriters, the foundation of the music industry and heritage on some levels, feels like it is collapsing. The answer is not to stifle technology but more to facilitate the creators capacity to continue to create and record high quality music to share.

I am thankful to Patreon for providing an excellent tool for artists to connect with their fans, get support and continue to create and share with the world.

In my capacity as a songwriter, singer, mentor, visual artist, filmmaker and advocate, I work solidity to bring longevity to our world as an empowered and diverse community of peoples.

I have been a professional recording artist and songwriter since 2004 and have released 5 solo Kim Beggs albums and 2 albums with my oldtime duo The Blue Warblers. I am working on my 6th solo album and beyond.

I have been prolific in my songwriting, and have momentum for artistic growth. I am diving deeper into the realm of my creative capacity and learning how to bring buoyancy to this on a global level.

I am passionate about the arts and about their capacity to empower, heal and set us sail. I am passionate about the foundation and maintenance of community. I believe that the arts, in all its disciplines, as the foundation of a healthy, diverse  and thriving society. I am and always have been there.

My craft as a songwriter and vocalist is constantly being grown and honed though much of my time is spent on the biz and navigating the ever changing digital world of music. I feel like I have done well at becoming educated and empowered in this new world. It is overwhelming for sure but I try to keep a beat and not get too encumbered by the constant injection of new information.

I do a big share of volunteering in order to support my community and other communities. This comes in the form of performing at community fundraisers, mentoring other artists and general all around care for the people around me.

My music reaps the footprints of my life, my community and our world. 
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Create new songs and polish.
Create water colour paintings of inspiration locations
Cowrite new songs with other songwriters 4 times a year.
Create stop motion music videos 2 times a year.
Blog about the creative processes
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