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About Kimberly A. Morales

Hi everyone!

I am the writer and recipe developer behind the blog, Poor Girl Eats Well. I started this blog as a little labor of love back in August of 2008, and since then, I've shared over 350 recipes and countless tips for helping folks eat "ridiculously well on a minuscule budget". I'm starting a Patreon page at the request of several readers, who have said they want to support the blog and me, without always resorting to the standard PayPal donation or ad click.

While the following info can sound like a bummer, it's the reason why I need to see what can come of a Patreon page (and I promise there is hope at the end!). The blog and I need help surviving and getting back on our feet right now, and with your help, we can definitely do that!

The unfun background (and this is long, but necessary to get the full picture)...

When I started PGEW, it was right at the beginning of the recession, and the company I was working at was sold shortly after I started. Since then, I have been from job to job, trying to find stability while growing my little blog, but essentially living paycheck to paycheck like most folks. I was fortunate to find success within the small blogging world, and it landed me extra opportunities as a freelance writer for local publications and other websites.

In 2011, I got sick. Really sick. I got shingles after moving to a safer apartment and ended up with permanent nerve damage, which resulted in the chronic pain disorder called PHN. In addition to that, I continue to get recurring shingles on practically a monthly basis. That's right: all that pain, burning, and malaise you hear about or see in commercials comes my way about once a month (sometimes, I get lucky and get a break every now and then, which is rad).

Part of the reason why I get so sick isn't just due to whatever underlying autoimmune issues I have (which still haven't been properly diagnosed, but that won't come until I can get a good doctor and decent insurance); it's because of financial stress. Being so sick so frequently is not an employer's favorite thing, and considering I have what's referred to as an "invisible illness" and I'm good at powering through it, some employers have cut ties with me because they either don't believe that I am actually that sick when I have a flare, or they finally realize that what I have isn't just something I talk about - it's a real thing, and it does affect my life. 

The lack of income, in turn, increases my stress levels, which exacerbate the PHN and shingles, and... well.. you get the picture. It's a vicious cycle.

Anyway, since getting so sick in 2011, I have tried numerous things to get me out of this rut and hopefully progress, so that I don't have to work the standard 9-5. From attempting to write a book and having that project blow up horribly in my face, to writing a couple shorter ebooks, to trying to have an Etsy business (which did okay, except the fees were too much for me to keep up with, making it impossible to profit from any of my sales), I've tried but have been unable to succeed in pulling myself out of the hole.

I've been fortunate enough to have extremely loyal readers and followers who have helped me along the way with donations, and there's the tiny amount of blog revenue I earn from my ads. But as kind and as generous as that help has been, unfortunately, it doesn't pay the rent. Or the electricity, which I need in order to keep the internet on (and plug in my laptop so it'll charge). Or feed me. The reality is that my illness has made it extremely difficult to keep up with the necessities of life, because I have been unable to find an employer who will work with me despite my disability. (And I've already been told I don't qualify for disability benefits, because I continue to work. Kind of a Catch 22.)

I had all sorts of grand ideas for an expansion of my brand in order to revive my blog at the beginning of 2016. As luck would have it, in February I became extremely ill with pneumonia. What I thought would be a routine visit to the emergency room for an asthma treatment became a 3 day hospitalization for pneumonia with heart complications. It has taken me months to get back to as close to normal as I can. And in the meantime, I've had to work.

I took a temp job about a week after being released from the hospital. I was still recovering from the pneumonia, but couldn't pass up the opportunity to have a regular paycheck. I worked my butt off, and became one of the most respected members of staff because of my work ethic and the quality of my work. It took all my energy to just work Monday through Friday, so I went on hiatus from PGEW for several months. I stayed as active on social media (particularly on Instagram at @kimberlypgew and on Facebook on the PGEW page) as my lack of internet and slow phone data connection would allow, but of course, my readership and followers plummeted. Six months later, after my most recent bout of shingles, my temp assignment was ended early by new supervisors, with the same line I'm always fed: "Oh, it has nothing to do with your illness."

I know it does. They just can't officially say so.

So, here I am again, in between temp jobs and trying desperately to resurrect my blog so that I can get back to doing what I'm good at and what I LOVE. But last night, I received a 3-day notice to pay or quit, making my anxiety soar through the roof. I don't care that my gas was shut off last month, because I can make do with kitchen gadgets as long as the electricity is on. But the rent... the rent! I don't really have a place to go, so I am always worried about how to make the rent.

The happy, hopeful part!

Despite all of this, I still have hope. I know that sounds weird, but I do. It's just who I am. I have hope that I'll come up with the money they want in 2 days. I have hope that I can get another steady gig so that I try catching up again and at least stay afloat while I continue to bring PGEW and my other endeavors back to life. I KNOW I can do this; I just need help to do it. And if you know me, you know I hate asking anyone for help. But sometimes, it's needed.

My immediate goals, as you can see, are to be able to save my apartment this month and keep the lights and internet on. I have a temp gig I'm supposed to start next week, so hopefully, that will help me get through the rest of the month and afloat for November. This is the most immediate need, so any and all help is beyond appreciated.

But looking into the future, as I always do despite all the crap the universe throws my way, the goal is to get PGEW and my other endeavors not just up and running, but growing steadily. Long time readers know that I not only offer tasty recipes that won't break the bank, but tips on how to make the most of your food dollar. I want to expand on the latter to really help others shop well so they can eat well, as well as offer cooking tips for folks who are new to cooking or just getting back into the kitchen.

In addition to all things food related, I have been trying to expand into writing about lifestyle and wellness, since my illness is a big part of my life and affects much of what I do. For a brief moment, I had a second blog called Getting Well, Being Well (see the wellness theme?) that was focused more on fitness, conversations about depression and anxiety (fight the stigma!), and fun lifestyle tips. I had a great following and many readers still want to keep reading, so I would like to bring that back, as I have a LOT more to talk about than just eating on a budget.

With the help of Patreon patrons, it is my goal to keep my apartment and start making those improvements and expansions to my different brands. From more writing to finally expanding into more video, I have so much I want to do, and you can help me make that happen. The demand is out there, the loyalty remains - all that's missing is the stability in my life in order to make sure I can devote my time and energy to what I love, rather than just sheer survival. If you've ever been in survival mode, you know what a toll it can take on your mind and body, and it's my fervent desire to move away from that for the last time. I have a lot to offer, and I know I can be successful at it, as long as the necessities of life are not in danger.

I've offered several tiers of patronage (or sponsorship, or whatever it's called on here, haha), with different rewards that I hope will encourage you to stick around for a while. From Patreon-only recipes, to individualized shopping/meal planning consultations, I'm trying to offer something for everyone.

Thanks in advance for your support and sponsorship. I am sorry this was so long, but right now, video is a little hard for me to do. For those who prefer to stick to the PayPal donations or ads, don't worry! Those will still be on the blog. But I like the idea of doing something like this, because it encourages me to keep posting despite the life problems, so that I can keep helping people save money and eat well.

I appreciate your time in reading this, and look forward to adding you to the PGEW family!


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To help purchase equipment like a better phone, and a selfie stick with a tripod, and just video equipment in general, in order to do more video. From recipes to shopping trips, you guys have said you want more video, and I want to bring it to you. :)
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