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is creating family memories after her recent passing.
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My first tier for just a dollar a month gives you access to updates I post here on Patreon plus discount codes for my online shops. 

The patreon updates are often entries about my cancer treatments or info about what I’m expecting to happen next but also might be previews, or sketches, polls and whatever else I fancy posting. I hope it’ll give you a little bit more insight into my life and processes. I'll try to keep it interesting and throw in higher value posts from time to time such as downloadable art, colouring pages or tutorials.

You’ll also get discounts for my various online shops (Etsy, Society6, Redbubble, Udemy), so if you are thinking of getting anything it’s likely that you’d actually save money by levelling in at this tier! 

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My second tier at $2.50 gives you everything from tier 1 plus even more Patreon based content updates. 

These extra patreon updates might be digitally downloadable art, organisational printables, stationary designs, backgound designs for phone or computer, colouring pages, tutorials, sketchbook tour photos (not just the flipthrough videos, actual photos that you can browse), and videos where I’ll explore some of my past work.

This tier is great if you don't just want to 'support' me - you want to get 'stuff'! I want you to feel you get great value for money for your pledge.  

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My third tier at $5 gives you everything from tier 1 and 2 plus at least one digitally downloadable piece of art, at at least A5 size, at at least 300dpi quality each month. 

You’ll be able to use the art in any personal way you wish - save as a background, print it out and frame it, print it as cards, stickers whatever!


I pledge at least one piece but there may well be more! The art will be printable at AT LEAST an A5 size at 300dpi. 

I can’t guarantee a subject or style but hopefully if you’re a patron at this level you’re a supporter enough to like it anyway!

Remember, you're also getting my discount codes, and all the patron posts and digital goods from the previous two tiers such as printables, stationary, tutorials, colouring pages, glimpses into past and future work, sketchbook page pictures and more.



About Kim Debling's page

Hey everyone,

Thank you for checking out Kim's page, this has been one tough journey so far and it's not getting much easier.  Kim passed away in September 2018 after a long battle with cancer.  This page now intends to create videos and family updates of life after Kim with me, Steve and our two young children.  There is no huge plan other than produce some content and see if you guys like it.  Life with two young children is certainly tiring and busy but I endeavour to give a few updates each week, usually after the weekend's activities have finished!  Any other ideas are warmly welcomed.

By becoming a Patron, no matter what tier, you are directly helping my family.  All proceeds from Patreon will go to supporting the children directly through their trust funds or maybe as a treat somewhere for a day out.  Kim's original Patreon welcome can be seen below, it was very much art and crafts based which unfortunately is not where my skills lie!

Thanks once again,

Steve x

Thanks so much for visiting my Patreon Page - it means a lot to me that you have seen something I’ve created and have clicked through to find out more. 

Patreon is is one of the BEST ways you can support and help me. By becoming my patron you can allow me to continue to make content, livestream and live life to the fullest while doing the things I love. 

I have made my patron's pledges private meaning strangers will not see how much you pledge. I feel that this privacy is important to me so there is a good chance its important to many of you too.

As you you probably know I create mixed content based entirely on my own life and interests - it would probably be better to split it into multiple channels and profiles but life is too short and time is too precious! So I make videos about cancer, life, my family, art, design and whatever randomly interests me

I am passionate about sharing my life with cancer so that others can be informed, comforted, inspired, have someone to identify with and to satisfy the curiosity of the interested. 

I’m also passionate about using art as therapy - looking after our mental well-being when the fates seem stacked against us and finding joy in creativity, colour, form, learning new skills and connecting with others through this common love. 

You can see my videos on my YouTube channel:
And my personal website, with loads of info and links to all sorts is

I really hope this stuff interests you too, so I’ve put together some patron tiers to whet your apetite for rewards. 

By me providing rewards this turns into a wonderful patronage rather than me being a charity case!! And I hope that I can brighten your day when your rewards come through. I'm going to try my best to make sure you get value for money whatever tier you join me at.

TOP TIP: If you ever fancy trying a higher tier you can 'level up' for just one month then switch back down to a lower tier. Perhaps you want to see what sort of contents you get before committing to more months - thats totally cool.

So please have a look at the tiers I’ve created - hope to see you inside my #teamdebling Patreon feed soon!
79% complete
This first goal means I’m realistically covering my basic costs of creating art and videos. I pay this money as it’s my hobby, but to have it covered by patrons would be a load off my mind. I spend money on art supplies, craft supplies, video set up equipment and I’m including my internet connection too since I’ve insisted on the very highest possible connectivity!!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 103 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 103 exclusive posts
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