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About Kimpianime

My name is Wooyeong Kim, also known as Kimpianime on YouTube. I am an Anime Pianist - yes, the pianist who plays anime music. I arrange and transcribe (thus, make the sheet files) anime songs, and upload videos of me performing those arrangements :)
    I know that those who are visiting this page are incredibly awesome people. And that does not depend on your pledging. Whether you support me with a dollar or not, the fact that you used your precious time to visit this page - that fact alone encourages me enough. Because it means that you have interest in my works. In my music. That's an incredible supporting for me. I sincerely thank you :)
   But oh, if you wish to go beyond that, beyond the support you already give to me by enjoying my uploads, if you want to become an active supporter who will make music with me, consider pledging a little dollar =) Let's make music together!

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