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About Kinaya

Hi! I'm Kinaya Maquia and you may know me from Tik Tok and YouTube (mainly Tik Tok hehe)!  I am a video creator on self-namedYouTube and Tik Tok page. I really love anime and doing voice impressions! Voice acting has been my passion for many years now and I would love to share my talents with you ^-^ 

I'm really trying to get this YouTube game underway so if you guys can help me out, that'd be awesome!  I'm not asking for much, except only for you to donate $1, yes just one dollar, a month to help me get this game going! What am I using the money for? Valid question! I plan to use it to help pay for my animators (who help me with thumbnails and other animation), new equipment for YouTube such as lights and a camera, and any other random things I need for a video!  I'm doing this because you guys really enjoy my content as much as I love making it! If you can help me, you will be sincerely loved until the day I die!

Please, if you want to donate to the cause of helping out this struggling anime-obsessed girl, it would be greatly appreciated!

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