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Welcome to official Patreon for Kind Of On Fire Studios, the tireless creators of 3rd party Pathfinder content over at! Over here, we know that fire is cool. It cooks things, kills things, and you can even animate it into an elemental buddy. Some things catch fire. Some things don't. But hey, if you're ever fighting an Ancient Red Dragon (CR19, ouch), we've got you covered. We'll lend a hand, a greatsword, or possibly some Elemental, Rime, Magic Missiles.

At Kind of on Fire, we have some great content for you to look through. Explore the Almira campaign setting or Play with some interesting Pathfinder content that can be used in any campaign setting.

Stay hot (or cold),
Ben, that guy at the keyboard
$23 of $50 per month
$50 a month pays for a full subscription service to Adobe Creative Suite. At this subscription tier, I will be able to begin designing sellable PDFs, which subscribers of the appropriate level will recieve free of charge!
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