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Hello, greetings and salutations,
I would like to thank you for your donation!
Your wonderful encouragement
With a hug is well met;
Once again, thank you for your kind wage,
As this allows me another minute at college.

Patreons at this level get access to posted poems. :)

Patreons at this level also get to see three pages of whatever writing I've been working on for the week.  Fair warning, most of it might be fanfiction at this point, but it'll be writing. :)

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Thanks a bundle!  For donating two chunks of change, you get to see works-in-progress of whatever I'm working on that month.  Will you get to see the finished product in the same month?  Eh...it depends upon how demanding my dissertation is....
Pieces of Eight
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Which might be less underwhelming than the ones in the third PotC movie....
For this much money, not only do you get access to said WIPs, but you also get to provide suggestions for what to see next!  Want to see more pirate stuff?  Sure!  Or did you like that fan comic I did and want to see another?  All right then--it's your money, so you're entitled to throw suggestions at me (so long as it's Safe For Work, of course).




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About Dr. Kineil D. Wicks

Hi there!
I am Dr. Kineil D. Wicks, fearsome finagler of fine art and writing—or so I delude myself.  I’ve been drawing, writing, and comic-crafting for all but two years of my life—those two years were spent developing vital motor skills, like talking, walking, feeding myself…all that jazz.

Moving on—I have finally earned my Ph.D. in Online Education! :D  Which means that in six months, I have to start paying college expenses, which naturally leads into me having to get a job.

However! I am an artist, am I not?  Why not draw for a living?  As my Mom says, you have to work all your life—it may as well be something you love.  And I do love to draw.  And write.  And play video games, but that’s another story.

My goals in life, beyond the immediate ones of graduating and paying college off, is to generate my own comics, stories, and perhaps a movie and a TV show—I want to create things that I and my family want to watch, and hey, if we like it, maybe you will too.  One can only hope. :)

So, if you like what you see, feel free to press any of those lovely buttons over to the right of the screen.  And if not, hey, thanks for stopping by and spending a minute on my page! :D
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Making a cartoon is pretty involved, and there are several things that'll have to be squared away first.  But one of the first things to do would be to copyright Glint and the Pirates.  Officially.  With the legal paperwork and everything.

If we achieve this goal, then I'll make sure to generate at least one GatP-related piece of art per month as opposed to whenever the boys feel like it.  This could be anything from portrait art to background detail to world-building to goofy character-building comics, but it'll definitely be your monthly dose of piratey stuff (or bounty hunter stuff).
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
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