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About King Critic

I'm on a crusade against bad taste and worthless content! Support me in this fight, because I work really hard to bring you quality videos and enhance your critical thinking skills. King Critic is here to save the day from plebs!

Yo, so if I'm being realistic here, it's going to be a while yet until YouTube ad revenue stacks up quickly enough for me to be able to cash in even so much as a few times a year. My channel has been going for a year now, and I still haven't made that first hundred bucks.

Having just launched two extra channels with different types of additional content, there is more King Critic to go around, but because of the time and effort making anything requires, I can't make every video that I want to make, and so I now turn to Patreon not only for a chance at actually being paid for this very hard work, but also for direction. Everyone has content types they prefer, and if you sign up here, you can help me decide what types of content to focus more or less on. Because, yeah, if there's a type of video that people want to pay to see more of, that's clearly some preferable content.

This bad boy is finally taking off after being blank for several months, and I'm grateful for that. Any bit you can spare each month is immensely helpful. Let's stick it to those plebs together!
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You'll get mentioned at least once. This page has been up for a long, long time with no action. I will definitely notice if you give me anything at all,
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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