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About KingofSöc

I love comics and I love this planet! I decided to combine both of them and made a comedic webtoon with an environmental message. 
"Environmental Disaster" is my first Comic, and its main goal is not to make money, but to educate about environmental issues and facts (although I definitely wouldn't complain about donations hehe). We are facing so many environmental problems that most of us aren't even aware of.

About me: I am a fulltime biochemistry and molecular biology major, work part-time and volunteer, but I love to draw and am trying my best to find balance between all these tasks. I used to volunteer at Clean Oceans International and now I'm doing research in a lab that is trying to create a probiotic for corals that could prevent or restore them from bleaching (for all you nerds or just curious people  here's the review article for it).

It means so much to me if you decided to support my work, thank you so much! Even if you can't pledge, you can support me by subscribing and liking my comic!

~ KingofSöc (which is a wordplay for my hometown in Germany)

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