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Hello I am Kinninigan, and site owner of I research conspiracy topics in the areas of reptilians/occult/ and ancient mysteries. I have come to Patreon because of the recent loss of Ad-Sense revenue that alot of youtube creaters have been affected by. I am hoping to gain some supporters here to continue to create videos and build my website and youtube channel. I not only create alot of videos but also research and give various lectures on many occult/conspiracy topics. In the very near future and hopefully with the help of other will start creating full length documentaries and podcasts. I suggest you check out my youtube channel and see what type of content I create there. Thanks again for any help!
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Any amount will help. This may buy me a cup of coffee and help with expenses.
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For this amount I can make you a video on any of the topics I research and publish it on youtube. I can also keep your identity anonymous by request. Just ask me about a topic and I will research and create a video regarding the question. I also do readings of various texts by request as well.
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For this amount I can offer you a personal Skype chat with me for around an hour each month.
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