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Booru Nav Alpha provides some additional features for those who desire something *special*.

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  • Access to Patreon text channels in Discord, where new features or ideas may be discussed in realtime! Please take note that there is no way that Kinoshita Productions is available 24 hours a day, but will do our best to be on!  




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I love developing high performance, easy-to-use apps. I am still a newbie developer but I am forward to improve continously.

I am not looking to build a business, but to build experiences, quality software, communities and a lot more of cool stuff! And if possible, contribute to other creators!

If you like my app, Booru Nav, feel free to contribute to it's development by becoming a Patron, or just spreading the word!

If you don't know about Booru Nav, feel free to visit my site and check it out! 
$52 of $60 per month
With this amount I'll be able to repair some of my broken stuff. Thank you very much!

I also could start sketching and planning some new features for the app. Nice!
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