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is creating weekly vlogs highlighting off-grid permaculture homestead living
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About 1000's of roots (Kip Smyth)

Why do we LOVE creating videos?

Our hope when we first set out to create videos was that each one would either inspire others, teach something new, or make people smile.  We never imagined the kind of impact we would have through our Youtube channel on countless lives.  We love making videos because we love sharing our off-grid homestead family journey in a way that meaningfully impacts people.  

What is Patreon?

It is the way that you can gain access to exclusive content available only to our patrons by giving a few dollars a month to help off-set some of our costs for creating videos.  

Now we have to pay for your videos? 

Not unless you can and want to.  Our regularly uploaded videos will continue to be FREE on Youtube.  Patreon just gives you the opportunity to be a part of our work in a monetary way.

How much does it cost to create videos?

Mostly, TIME. There is a lot that goes into just one video.  Each video can take up to 8 hours to complete (not including upload time).  It is all valuable time that we feel is well worth it, no matter the cost.

This work does require some equipment as well, though we try to keep that at a minimum.

Why should I join your Patreon community?

I'm down to part time (off the homestead) in order to spend MORE time creating new content as our family continues to set up our off-grid permaculture homestead.  Your pledge helps make the videos we create each week a reality.

What will I get?

You can choose from a variety of pledge levels and rewards just to the right of this page.  We hope you will check them out!

$1,339 of $2,000 per month
This monthly amount would allow Kip to continue working part time so that we can keep making forward progress on the homestead.

Any earnings above this amount will go toward completing projects on the homestead.
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