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uhhhHHH hello! my goal here is to share lots of production stuff such as presets, snippets of songs i'm working on, bass renders, sample packs, production tips, renders from my analog synths, and muuuch more! i'll be doing biweekly twitch streams as well. music production is a heck of a journey, and i'm willing to share my ~secrets~, so let me help you as much as i can <3
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every dollar counts, and i'm super grateful for every bit of support~!<3 you'll have access to my patreon feed, meaning you can view my weekly FL Studio video snippets of the tracks i'm currently working on, and more.
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you'll get access to my production discord, meaning you can ask me lots of questions pretty much whenever, about anything, really. oh! and you can also access my bi-weekly live production stream, where i'll show you lots of sound design and arrangement type stuff.
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you'll get all previous rewards PLUSSS you'll be able to download my .flp project files, which means you can have a peek into my process and do pretty much whatever you want with my tracks.  PLUSSS early access to .wav files of upcoming releases wow!!!!! (excluding label releases) PLUSSSS HQ downloads of any of my previous tracks. PLUS!!!! my unending gratitude. you're really going to make me cry i s2g thank you so much
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you can have all of the previous tiers PLUS, since you're giving me so MUCH (thank you holy cow) one on one production video calls once a week for up to one hour (only if you want to hah)! you can also have my original bass presets that i work on for hours and hold really dear... along with the processing chains. thank you for helping a lil artist like me live in this planet.....
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i'll make and release my first EP. really, i will!!!
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