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About Kiriche

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Hello! My name is Kiriche! I am a full time Anime/ Manga artist living within the United States!

The main website I have my gallery is My Instamagram Account!
For years I have done digital art but earlier this year, around March 2016, I took on traditional art and have been doing it ever since! I originally started traditional work because I needed variety in my portfolio for College, but I have fallen in love with drawing in this style ever since! :)

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Honestly! Being a patron would mean the world to me!!! It means you are a first supporter for me fulfilling my dreams of being an artist! With your support, many more fan works will be created! :)

I feel bad because along with school, I don't really have time to create more art because I have to take on various jobs in which I can't post artwork that much! But if you are a patron, you'll be receiving way more artwork from me!!

Throughout the Patreon Process, I'd love to make videos and pictures to teach people how to make artwork if they'd like! :)

Anything Helps!!! Thank you for you time and encouragement!
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Anything would be generous, but this goal would allow me to take a start in drawing as a full time artist!
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