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is creating a unique vibration from the heart and spirit
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About Chagall Sierra (Kirrivath)

Thank you to my wonderful Patron Angels!

So grateful for the support as I'm still struggling to figure out my place in the music industry while dealing with chronic illness and slowly dying. Currently I’m losing at least two weeks out of every month to being too ill to work. That means I can’t get a day job and I can’t effectively pay my rent as a busker because I can’t work. Your help is vital.

What you get:

By supporting me to make music on a regular basis, you will receive access to all Patron-locked content I've ever created: Music, Videos, Digital Art, Photographs, Poetry, and Backstage stuffs. You will also be helping someone who is disabled, and who has no other option to earn a living. All that for just $1+ a month? Yes. Whoa. Can I just donate? I don't need any rewards.
You sure can!

Why Patreon?

People: You sing like an ANGEL! That’s the most BEAUTIFUL THING I’VE HEARD IN MY LIFE. You should be on Canadian Idol! You should be signed to a major label
Me: Oh wow thank you! Next week there’s an awesome show featuring myself and other magical talented musicians, you can buy tickets over here...
People: crickets
Me: Uhhh okay. Looks like I need to get a day job. Well, I need $30,000 in a lump sum to fix my health issues from a lifetime of poverty and #metoo situations so that I can get a day job. Any help with that?
People: crickets
Me: Uh, not good... well, there’s this site called Patreon and you can help me with my daily life expenses so I can just keep working on my art and health and hopefully not die. Check it out?
People: Hmm ok that sounds cool. Just $1 a month or more if I feel like it? Alright!

What Your Money Does:

As an independent creator, I can be true to my artistic vision, without interference from a marketing department.
  1. Chagall Sierra, Voice of an Angel – Cover Songs and Traditionals
  2. Kirrivath – Original meditative world fusion music and story
  3. Paperbag Empress Records – Tiny virtual label promoting mystical and magical music
  4. Wingspell – Dreamrock band (with it’s own Patreon which is PROJECT BASED not Monthly)
  5. Woodfinch Eco – Sustainable living solutions for environmental illness such as tiny homes and an ecovillage (with it’s own Patreon)
Patreon Stretch Goals
  1. (ACHIEVED, thank you!)One Patron
  2. (ACHIEVED, awesome people!)Website costs covered
  3. (ACHIEVED basic Blanket Fort Studio) Studio improvements
  4. NEXT STEP, at $33 per month: Quality Internet - to offer online streaming concerts, upload music and videos
  5. At $34+ per month: have personal income
  6. At $600+ per month: escape my toxic building and move somewhere with clean air
  7. At $900+ per month: deal with health issues by actually eating the special diet I’m supposed to be eating to deal with chronic illness
  8. At $1200+ per month: have the security to make music daily instead of worrying about dying and not being physically able to work
$6 of $33 per month
Dependable studio improvements and regular studio time will give more professionally recorded and produced SONGS for you to enjoy. More singing, less instrumentals! Way more uploads, livestreaming and live performance videos from myself and my community of artists.
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