Krista Gossett

is creating several epic fantasy series and a webcomic
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About Krista Gossett

I'm really excited to be able to bring everyone a series that has been in the making for over a decade!  I took some familiar themes in fantasy and decided to tackle them from a different angle so never take anything at surface value for this one!

The Truth about Heroes, aka the Heroes Trilogy, currently has three published books-- One of Many, Two Sides to Everything and Menage a Trois. Release dates for the next six are(were) as follows:
A World Reborn: Children of Heroes- April 20, 2018
A World Reborn: Higher Reasoning- May 11, 2018
A World Reborn: Deicide- June 1, 2018
A World Reborn: Complete Trilogy Edition- June 1, 2018
Each Endless Universe: Close Encounters- June 15, 2018
Each Endless Universe: Dual Decision- June 29, 2018
Each Endless Universe: Original Sin- July 11, 2018
Each Endless Universe: Complete Trilogy Edition- July 11, 2018
*The last release date coincides with my birthday, not because I'm avoiding Friday the 13th.

Some of the elements include:
*animal-human hybrids
*complex lore and mythology
*adult human interactions
*war and violence
*characters with developed psychological structures
*industrialization and invention

There are nine books planned with the possibility for more set in this world.  I began illustrating them but plans changed and I've opted to focus my art elsewhere. They will be released as trilogies, starting with the Heroes trilogy then preceding to the World and Universe trilogies.

This is an adult fantasy adventure series, incorporating elements of eroticism and disturbing violence, so it isn't intended for all audiences.  Epic gamers will be familiar with the format of a large cast of characters whose lives and actions intertwine to tell the story.  

I do not play with unnecessary filler text.  These books currently run 300-450 pages in print, less in ebook format.  The covers for the first series are complete as well, so no additional time needs to be dedicated to it.

And there's the next big project. A separate four book series is in progress, still adult, but this one is more action, less sex, and each story centers around a different cast of characters. UnNamed has been written, currently working on UnSung. UnNamed centers around a mercenary returning to a city he usually endeavors to avoid to retrieve an artifact he left with the kid. He had a general idea of what to do with it, but when it reacts to the kid, he ends up with a reluctant partner in his dangerous mission to seek answers.

There is also a YA fantasy I'm working on involving two young women immersed in steampunk culture and world-hopping adventures and a sci-fi thriller about a detective and a forensic scientist working to uncover the culprits behind a series of strange murders in the world's first underwater city. Expect to see these no later than 2020.

As for where my illustrative focus is going (aside from cover design), I am working on a web comic titled Rock my World which will pop up on Line WebToon sometime this year, if I can get that organized as planned. It is a sci-fi romantic comedy about an early childhood psychologist that befriends a stranded alien. It's not the only web comic idea I have, but I've probably got some heads spinning at this point, so let's leave it at that for now.

I know it sounds crazy ambitious, but it's doable and I like to stay busy. I'm still new to this, finally gaining the courage to publish back in August 2017.

I'm crap at marketing and I'm not the sort to lie and insist my work is for everyone.  If it is for you and you know someone else who might like it, spread the word! I'm always open to suggestions for improvements. Please visit my website for more details. Currently, it's a portal for books and book-related art, but I may link my webtoons to it later as well.

I've barely gotten started and don't intend to go anywhere but up from here. There are many stories to be told!
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