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About Kitmast

  • First of all, my english sucks so forgive me for grammatical errors or any weird spelling 
About me
I’m Kitmast ( you can call me Kit ), I like to draw ! 

 I post my drawings and answer questions. I hope that I can improve and make you guys happy ! I draw a lot of fan art but I draw the original stuff sometimes too! I like X-Files, Sherlock Holmes, GTA V , Homestuck , Pokemon , OFF , Osomatsu , doctor who and lots of stuff ( cartoon ,anime , movie,… )

I want to show the rough sketches and illustrations, short animation, at here.
Support me
If you have been watching me on my deviantart or tumblr or any of my other art accounts, you guys probably know that, I am not really the type of artist who takes money from my drawings. I do take commissions.

So if you like my works, now you can support me here and get some sweet monthly rewards you can't get anywhere else. Your support will make me work even harder, improve better, and submit arts more frequently. Horay!
❀ ✿ ❀
Thank you so much for the support and for taking a look! !
Every little bit helps me to continue drawing and share more arts to keep you guys smile and make all of you proud! :)
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