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      Hey All,
       Chase here, I wanted to invite you all to my Patreon account. This is a place where you all can donate and help out greatly to get me off my feet in this world of video creations! I am someone who has always enjoyed focusing on my talents and has always wanted to make a living through playing video games, making videos and movies, and also making music. Here you will be able to support me and help me achieve those dreams. I maybe small now and I may never be big but I want to have the ability to give everyone content that they can enjoy and I hope I can bring joy to those whether I am a big time YouTube person or just someone who uploads his videos and a select few enjoy it.

       I want everyone to support me in their own way I know not everyone has money but at least now there is a place where if you wanted to donate some money no matter how little it is I now have a place for everyone to do that.

       Thank you,
         Chase D. Tubac
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