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is creating 3D Robot with Charlie the Cat
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About Maciej Kuciara

My name is Maciej and I draw pictures for films and video games. I worked on few big games like The Last of Us and Uncharted 4 and few big films including X-Men:Days of Future Past and Jupiter Ascending. I love drawing, painting, making 3d art and making new ideas happen. Charlie the cat is my latest creation I wanted to share with you!

What's KittyBash?

KittyBash is a phun for term kitbashing, which in short is putting together 3d objects to create something cool - like airplanes, tanks or robots. The purpose of KittyBash is to help Charlie, the master engineer to create those kits and build a robot. As an artist I make Charlie's visions come true in form of drawings and 3d models created in popular 3d apps like 3ds Max. By becoming a Patron, you're not only saving lives of innocent kittens, but also engaging in fun process of building cool robot. 

Why Patreon?

Kittens love it, Charlie feels very positive, I follow his lead! :D Patreon is a great platform for making great and fun things happen. With your support, artist like me can shift focus from being one of hundreds of artists working on tiny part of video game / film, to creating new exciting projects, sharing progress and engaging community to join the ride - without waiting years for release date! KittyBash is exactly that kind of project. 

Exciting goals!
Think about all those cute kittens. Saving them is a noble goal. But is there anything else to it? Of course! The more support Charlie gets from you, the cooler vision Charlie has and I'm here to make them happen. How about building your own robot from Charlie's inventions? Or exploring every step of his journey to defeat Kitbashtard? All that and more to come :)

What will I be charged?
Each time Charlie's invention comes to life and gets posted here, you will be charged the dollar amount you set by yourself. How much will that be is totally up to you! You can set your monthly maximum to always stay on budget and not be worried if Charlie goes on creative building spree! 

Look at him! He's ugly. And he laser oblitarate kittens. Ewww!! Let's help Charlie get rid of him together!

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