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About Kittytreets

I'm a vegan, gamer, yogi, artsy, geek!

I'd love to bring all of those things here to Patreon. Want to join me in the fun?

I am a lover of the arts, and would love to have a community I can geek out with!

You can learn more about me on my WEBSITETWITCH, or YOUTUBE.  Free free to head over to INSTAGRAM and say, "Hi!"

I look forward to meeting you!
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GOAL: Self-Publish My Book

  • The sole purpose of my Patreon is to help fuel my dream project, and finish the art for the book I wrote. 
  • The book is DONE, completely written, just needs one more editing pass.
  • I am creating the cover art, maps, chapter art, and character portraits myself. 
  • This is my overall goal, and with your help, we could make it come to life more efficiently!
  • Once I reach my goal, I'll add new Tiers that will include copies of the book.
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