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You are a humble bean and it is appreciated! Thank you for your support
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Thank you for continuing to fuel coffee needs. This makes for a happy tiggie! **hugs**
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Oh ok even more support?! My thanks. I will give you a shout out every month, at the end of the month on Twitch Stream!




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About Kivuli Riler

Hello there!

Welcome to the Patreon Page of Tiger Corp!

I am just a guy living in the UK who loves making videos and streaming content for the entertainment of others. Sometimes you will see me by myself, other times I will be with my friends, and I have a variety of games at my disposal!

Oh and if that wasn't enough already, I am a big supporter of charity. Every year I plan to get involved with Extra Life, a charity dedicated to helping families with children in hospitals, just to make their lives easier, and happier

Thank you for sticking around, Links to my content page can be found on my profiles. If you like what you see, please do go ahead, hit Subscribe on Youtube and Follow on Twitch. If you wish to support me even more then please Subscribe and Donate on Twitch, or become a Patreon right here