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is creating art, stories, and stories about art
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About Diana McKenzie

A short introduction.
My name is Diana, but you can call me Kiwijelly.
I would describe my work as all encompassing. I carry a sketchbook wherever I go. I've filled a lot of them.

like, a lot a lot. These were just the ones I could reach.
I also make egg sculptures. 
Like These:

Why are some of them in tiny kimono?

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I've been an artist for a while, but I struggled after college when it came to sharing my work with an audience, mostly because I couldn't define who my art appealed to. That changed this year, thanks to the folks at LoadingReadyRun and Desert Bus and their surrounding communities. When I submitted my work to the Desert Bus Craft-Along, the enthusiastic response to my idea and the interest in my ongoing progress blew me away, and I realized that no one can respond to art they never see.
With your help I can put my heart and soul into my work without worrying about how to pay for art supplies and storage, buy a computer that doesn't crash THREE SEPARATE TIMES while I'm trying to edit my Patreon page, and one day publish the complete version of my thesis, a comic/graphic novel about witchcraft, puns, and Basque, Spanish, and French cooking!
Thank you so much for helping me to continue making and sharing art.
Love, Kiwijelly.
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A new pastapiece!
Patrons will be able to vote on the subject of my next macaroni creation.
Will it be Van Gogh? Hokusai? Whoever did the one with the dogs playing poker? You decide!
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