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Hello I'm kk~ I recently graduated college with a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration and would love to make a living off of drawing.

I'm sorry that I'm not good at updating this ;;; I've been having a bit of a hard time lately, but I absolutely appreciate those that continued to support me despite my lack of activity. Thank you so much I really do mean it when I say that every single dollar helps <3 I'm still working out how best to build my art career since I definitely need to find a sense of direction. My workspace still isn't the best, but I'm trying to make the best of what I have. I do have an iPad now that I have been using as my primary drawing tool and really enjoy the convenience of it so I just need some motivation and direction to lead me now I hope.

Currently active on twitter!
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You can see some of my work on tumblr too
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Cool People
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You get early access to all my progress/doodles~

Every dollar is very appreciated and I will probably spend it on soup so thank you! 

Rad People
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This is all it takes to get access to all my Photoshop brushes and high quality pics of my finished works!

Now I can get the good fancy soup! Mmm :D

Very Cool Rad People
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I'll do an exclusive livestream on Twitch (I will make a post at least 2 days before to notify exactly when), plus all previous rewards!

That's like, a whole week of soups!!! 

Souper Awesome Rad People Who Get Stickers B)
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At this level you get a set of medium stickers (of your choice) from my Redbubble! Or can choose a previous drawing to be turned into a sticker (if possible) and sent! Plus all previous rewards of course~


Souper Sticker Commission
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Every pledge $35 and over gets a custom sticker made and sent of your favorite Pokemon/character/pet/sona/etc! (nothing super detailed or 18+) plus all previous rewards! 

(sticker will be posted and sold on Redbubble unless specifically requested to be private)

Also... soup!

$4 of $60 per month
This could pretty much pay for my groceries I guess?
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